Morocco - Eretz Zion and Jerusalem

The community of Moroccan Jewry and the next generation

For many generations the connection between the Jews of Morocco and the Land of Israel did not cease. Community leaders, families and individuals immigrated to Israel throughout hundreds of years, settling in Hebron, Safed, Tiberias, Jerusalem, Jaffa and Tel Aviv, and helping them flourish.

With the establishment of the State of Israel, close to 300,000 Jews immigrated. Their contribution to Israel is enormous and extends to all areas of life:
In settling the land – with over 450 settlements, development towns, moshavim and Gar’inim at kibbutzim – Moroccan Jewry created a “security belt” across the country, and filled the Negev with Jews.
In the army and the defense forces – a respectable list of generals and brigade commanders and even the Chief of Staff.

In education, with a minister, CEO and a large list of teachers and supervisors, the spiritual leadership with a Chief Rabbi of Israel, Municipal Chief Rabbis all over the country, and of course in all areas of culture.
In extensive literary work, with many writers and poets; Israel Prize winner poet Erez Bitton; through music with Joe Amar (and his revolution of Hebrew song), Amir Benayun, Kobi Aflalo, Shlomo Bar, Zehava Ben, Neta Elkayam and many more; the Andalusian Orchestra and all its soloists, the Israel Prize winner who changed the Israeli musical consciousness;

In cinema and theater with key figures, creators and actors such as the late Ronit Alkabetz, Hannah Hasfari Azulai, Yael Abuksis, Ze’ev Revach, Ruby Porat Shoval, Yaakov Cohen and many others, who brought Israeli cinema to international screens.

Despite the hardships, feelings of alienation and discrimination, this community has been able to adapt, integrate and make a significant contribution to the establishment of the State of Israel, its development, construction and enrichment of its culture.

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